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Sparkle Bright Illuminating Hair Bundle

Shine brighter than the fireworks this November with our Illuminating Olaplex Hair treatment guaranteed to work miracles on damaged and broken hair to leave you with an incredible glossy finish. To add to the sparkle finish off with a luxury full bodied blow dry. Our extensive drinks menu will keep you refreshed during your time at Aura Retreat with a range of hot drinks as well as a glass of something fizzy to choose from.

Book in today for only £59.00



When you leave our salon, we want you to feel pleased with your style. The first thing we do to ensure that, is to go through an in depth consultation taking in your hair history, condition and type.

Hair Cuts


                                                      Sr. Stylist   

Cut & Finish                             £49.50           


Cut & Re-Style                        £53.00           

OAP. Cut & Finish                   £33.00          

Gents Cut & Finish                  £22.00           

Children under 6                     £12.00             

Girls 6 - 12                                £20.00        

Girls Cut & Finish 13 - 16       £27.50         

Boys 6 - 12                                £14.00             

Boys 13 - 16                              £20.00           

Fringe Cut                                 £10.00    


                                                                                  Sr. Stylist     

Blow-dry with Extensions            From £42.00         

Bouncy Curly Blow-dry                           £35.00       

Classic Blow-dry                            From £29.00        

French Plaits / Braids                               £13.00                 

Kevin Murphy Intensive Hydrating 

Treatment suitable for all hair types.      £26.50       

Pin Curls                                                     £33.00        

Prom Hair                                                   POA         


                                                 Sr. Stylist           

Full head foils long               £88.00            

Half head foils long             £77.00             

Full head

short/medium foils              £80.00           

Half head

short/medium foils              £73.00            

T - Section                           £49.50            

Full head colour                   £66.00 Extra long + £10.00


Regrowth touch up            £42.00             


Luxurious Toner                  £24.00 


Glossing Service                 £24.00           

Balayage                              £100

Colour Correction        On quotation

kevin murphy cheese plant.jpg

Complimentary consultations available

you will need to contact us 24 hours before your appointment if you want to cancel or you will incur charges.