Bristol Aesthtics Clinic

Botox Treatment


The goal of Cosmetica Bristol is to make our clients feel better, whether it be by evening out skin tone, plumping lips, addressing scars or chasing away those fine lines and wrinkles.


My name is Harriet and I am the lead nurse for Cosmetica Bristol. I have been a nurse for over 21 years and working in aesthetics for over 7, I am a registered member of Royal College of NursingNursing & Midwifery Council and the British Association of Cosmetic Nurses and ACE group (Aesthetics Complications Expert group). I am a non medical prescriber and I have been further trained by Harley Street surgeons in the art of facial rejuvenation techniques: injection with botulinum toxin, dermal fillers, micro needling and several forms of chemical peels.

These treatments are prescription only and should only be carried out by a present registered Doctor or Nurse prescriber. Harriet is a fully registered nurse prescriber so can carry out these treatments safely. 

Harriet works twice a month at Aura Retreat. One Saturday and one Late night. 

Book online to see available dates this month or give us a call on 01454887553

Botulinum toxin treatment (wrinkle reduction injections)

Forehead                                                                  £140

Glabella (frown between brows)                          £140

Crows feet (eyes)                                                   £140

Advanced under eyes treatment (eye creases) £140

Gummy smile                                                           £140

Nasalis (Bunny Lines)                                             £140

Mouth (for downturned edges)                            £140

Brow Lift                                                                   £140

Chin (for pitting of the skin)                                  £140


2 Areas (from above)                                              £180

3 Areas (from above)                                              £220

4 Areas (from above)                                              £260

5 Areas (from above)                                              £300

Nefertiti Neck Lift (Tightens the jawline)   From £200

Platysmal Neck Bands (To treat ‘turkey neck')

                                                                            From £200

Jaw muscle reduction                                      From £250

Hyperhydrosis (excessive sweating)From              £300

Cost is dependant on size of area requiring treatment and condition of skin.

Dermal fillers
(Prices are for first syringe of product, subsequent syringes  at same appointment are charged at £180  discount for same product)

Tear Trough (Under Eye)From                                 £220

Cheek Enhancement                                       From £220

Nasolabial folds

(nose to mouth lines,1ml syringe)                   From £220

Lips (1ml syringe)                                                         £240

Marionette lines (corners of mouth to chin)From £220

Downturned Mouth Edges                             From £220

Chin Enhancement                                          From £220

Jaw definition                                                    From £220

8 point face lift (whole face rejuvenation)   From £400

Back of Hands (hides tendons and veins)    From £260

Décolletage (rejuvination and skin plumping) 

                                                                             From £260

Fat Dissolving

Small area   From £250 – subject to consultation

Large area   From £350 – subject to consultation

More than 1 treatment may be required to achieve desired results

PRX-T33 (the no peel peel, prices dependent on area/areas to be treated)

Single treatment                                                                                                From £100

Three treatment package (including take home wiqo serum worth £75)

                                                                                                                              From £300

Five treatment package (including take home wiqo serum worth £75)   From £400

Subsequent treatments as part of package                                                   From £75

All treatments work optimally as part of a treatment package with the aim of rejuvenating the skin by, treating fine lines, dry skin, skin thinning and scaring.

PRX T33 can be combined with a micro needling course for more effective targeted treatments.

Medical skin needling (prices dependant on area/areas to be treated)

Single treatment                                                                                               From £80

Three treatment package                                                                                From £210

Five treatment package                                                                                   From £300

Subsequent treatments as part of package                                                  From £60


Neostrate AHA peel (areas additional to
face charged at half price)

One peel treatment                                                                                          £50

Course of 4 Peel                                                                                               £150



Dermaplaning (as stand alone treatment)                                                     £40

Dermaplaning with peptide mask and facial massage                                  £50

Dermaplaning with enzyme mask                                                                   £50

Dermaplaning with glycolic peel                                                                     £55

Dermaplaning with PRX-T33                                                                         £110

All the treatments available are tailored to the individual client and consultation is free and always recommended before any treatment.

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