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Aura Retreat

Established in 2002, Aura Retreat is an Elegant Beauty Retreat situated in Kendleshire, Bristol.

Looking out of the windows at Aura Retreat you can see 2 acres of nature and beauty, what better way to relax.

Aura Retreat has created a reputation of calmness and beauty, with modern facilities available here, Aura Retreat is the place to be.


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I established my business in 2002 starting off in a small garage where I lived.  Over the years as I established a bigger clientele my garage was not big enough for the demand in treatments. I moved my business and opened a shop so that I could provide and expand further beauty treatments.  As my business grew even more, I was then lucky enough to be able to buy a small bungalow that belonged to my nan which included 2.5 acres of nature and beauty.  I was blessed to be able to build on this and opened up Aura Retreat, a large property which became a day spa and hair salon.  


After Covid and nearly 20 years of being in the beauty business,  I decided that I wanted to concentrate a bit more time on looking after my own health and wellbeing and my dogs. I made the decision to reduce the treatments that I provide so that I could focus on what I specialise in and give my clients a more personal service. I have built up a huge, positive reputation for my business  and will continue to put my clients first and give them the first class service they deserve.


I am qualified and passionate about beauty and work with only the best products.

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